May 30, 2011

Trying out some new things.

I made this wallet the other day and tried out some new things. It didn't quite work out the way I wanted so I'm not going to sell it. Here's what it looks like though. I think it's pretty cool.

I protected the outside with fusible vinyl. I love the materials and colors and the little cowgirl snaps. The only problem is that I marked the spots for the snaps with disappearing ink and then ended up putting them in different spots and since I ironed on the plastic, the marks won't disappear! 

I also didn't line up the snaps quite straight (I think I can fix that though) and the inside blue trim isn't straight either. Ah well, learning experience I guess. 

Maybe I'll just keep it and use it myself. :D

(Update: I fixed it up and now it's SOLD!)

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