Mar 1, 2011

Sewing Tutorial - Cute Little Wallet :D

You'll need two kinds of fabric for this project. I find fabrics that are firm but not too thick work best. (ie. Cotton or Cotton blend)
Cut 1 piece of each @ 8.5" x 13.5" and 1 piece of interfacing for each.

Cut 4 pieces of your inner fabric @ 4.5" x 8.5" each and 2 pieces of interfacing as well. (You'll also need some other pieces of interfacing that you will cut as you go that I haven't shown here).

Also cut a piece of the inner fabric @ 8.5" x 17". This will be your card slots section. Draw lines at 4.5" and alternating from 2" to 1.5". (see pic)

The 4.5" section will be the back of the pocket. It will look like this when done.


Turn pocket over and apply interfacing.

Use a piece just big enough to fit.

 Iron in place.

Apply interfacing to the two large main pieces as well.

You may also want to put a little extra interfacing on the end of your top piece to accommodate the snap.

Apply interfacing to the wrong sides of two of your 8.5" x 4.5" pieces.

Measure your zipper from one stopper to the next. You'll use this measurement to determine how big of a hole you'll need to accommodate it.

Find the center line of your piece.

Use the line to center the appropriate size line for your zipper hole. (For this particular zip I used a 6.5" opening and therefore centered it at 3.25".)

Draw a rectangle 1/2" wide. (mine is 6.5" long)

Mark 1/4" in from end and sides and draw a triangle to those points. Connect the triangles with a center line.

You'll now pin this piece to the other interfaced piece with right sides together and sew along the rectangle, the purple line in the picture. 

Remove pins and cut along the center line (the black line here), through both fabrics. 

Make sure to cut the triangles too but be careful not to cut passed the seams.

Now flip one side out through the other. This can be a little tricky, just have patience.

Iron flat, being careful to take care of the wrinkles on the edges.

Mine didn't come out very clean this time around. I don't always have the best luck with this. :P

Take your zip and pin or sew the end together.

Lay the zipper under your nice, flat pocket.

...and pin.

Choose a thread the same color as your fabric.

Sew on your zip using a zipper foot. (I actually used this foot for the whole project because I like how small it is. )

Cut off any excess zipper.

Iron, iron, iron!

Now take your other two 4.5" x 8.5" pieces (you can interface these too if you like), place one of them right side down...

...and the other right side up. (sorry if it's hard to see here)

Pin and sew about 1/2 inch from the top. (a baste stitch is fine for this, in any color. It'll be covered later)

 I like to draw a line with a ruler and cut to make sure it's nice and straight. *A roller cutter is great for this task. (mine just broke)

Take a piece of contrasting (or the same color) fabric and cut a piece 3" x 4.5".

Iron in half.

Then iron the two halves toward the center.

Iron in half again.

This will be the trim for your pocket.

Pin and sew.

 Flip pocket around and fold in the bottom edges about 1/2". *Make sure you fold three pieces together and one piece alone so that you don't have any rough edges inside your nice little pocket.

 Iron flat.

Pin and sew. (I cheated and didn't pin this piece but it makes it much easier if you do pin)


Find your center line of the card slots pocket and mark with disappearing ink.

Sew your center line. *I start from the bottom so that the flaps lay flat.

 Time to arrange everything!

Line up the card pocket at the bottom with the zippper pocket above it. Both with the same side up. 

Pin and baste along the two long sides about 1/4 " from the edge, just to hold everything in place.

Sew the bottom of the pocket to the base along the seam you already made when you closed it. (along the neon yellow line I've drawn in)

Now put the two sides together, right sides in. 

Pin along the edges making sure there aren't wrinkles in the middle.

Sew about 1/2" from edge, ensuring this line is inside the baste line you made earlier. *I usually back stitch a bit on both sides of the bottom corners so that when you're turning right sides out later, they don't break.

Cut the bottom corners.

This is what it'll look like with the corners cut. No need to cut the top ones.

Flip right side out!

Use a chopstick, or similar, to poke the corners out at the bottom. *Be careful not to poke right through!!!

Iron it all flat.

Take a towel or cloth and cover the project to give a good steamy iron, pressing hard. *The towel prevents discoloring from the iron.

 At the top, mark a straight line, about 1/2 inch from edge with disappearing ink.

Fold in on line and iron.

Pin and sew.

Install your snap hardware in the center of the top, about 1/2" from edge.

Close the whole wallet so everything lines up properly and mark a dot where the other side of the snap will be.

Tuck a cutting board or piece of wood inside the card slot pocket.

Make a hole where you marked your dot, make sure it doesn't go through the card slots. The hardware will show inside the pocket. *You may also do this step before you sew the whole thing together so that the hardware is inside where you won't see it but I like to make sure it all lines up before I start making holes.

Install receiving side of snap. 

Now close the wallet, cover with your towel, and iron well. Press hard for nice, crisp edges.


Perfectly pretty :D